Network Agreement


Usage Policy

All student research and communication via the Internet, will be monitored in accordance with school rules and the Student Code of Conduct. The Network Administrator is, in consultation with the ICT Committee, responsible for setting up the appropriate security levels on the network, monitoring communication and reporting any breaches.

The Centre Network incorporates a monitoring and censorship system. The Administrator can carry out regular monitoring of student activity. Account privilege modifications are an ongoing occurrence. If a student is found using the computer network inappropriately he or she can have all of their privileges taken away. Internet access is available across the centre.

Year P-6 students: are to use the Internet and email only under the direct supervision of their teacher.
Year 7-12 students: will be able to use the Internet and email system for research or part of their studies on their own or under supervision by their teacher.
The Centre: email and web applications will be available externally to the school and the onus is then on parents to supervise their children when students are not at school.


Breaches of Regulations

Minor Breaches

Classroom Teachers or Coordinators will deal with minor breaches of the Student Code of Conduct (e.g. individual behaviour problems, careless use of facilities).

Major breaches

Deliberate vandalism, hacking into student accounts and the network, accessing pornographic sites or other restricted content, abusive language and defamatory comments (in emails) will be referred to Coordinators and/or Principals who, in conjunction with the Network Administrator, will decide on an appropriate consequence.

Consequence for Misuse

The consequences of misuse may include one or more of the following actions:

  • The loss of network and/or Internet access
  • A letter sent to the parent/guardian
  • Payment requirements for repairs or replacement of equipment
  • Suspension or in the case of very serious offences, police involvement.


Network Use

Student Code Of Conduct

  • I agree to follow all Teacher instructions when I am using the Centre's network.
  • I will respect the rights of other students in the class and will not interfere with their learning.
  • I will use the computers, printers, software and associated furniture (e.g. desks and chairs) carefully and responsibly.
  • I will not attempt to interfere with the configuration of computers, printers, networks or with other students’ work, passwords or their accounts.
  • I will not use another person’s account (Internet or Local Network).
  • I will work conscientiously and use resources responsibly (e.g. no unnecessary printing).
  • I will not download or install software (applications, music files, zip files etc…).
  • I will respect copyright regulations and will not print or use information that is copyright without acknowledging the source of the information.
  • I understand that the computer network is monitored, and I accept the need for this auditing and quota limits.
  • I understand that my email mailbox and user folders are property of the Centre and that their contents may be accessed by the Network Administrator and or Coordinators / Principals.
  • I will refrain from accessing any web pages images, computer files, newsgroups, chat groups, or other materials accessible with the Internet or the school network that would be considered offensive in the judgement of the Centre.
  • I will be courteous and use appropriate language in communication via the Internet. I will refrain from using obscene, harassing or abusive language and will report any cases of such usage against me to my Teacher, Network Administrator or the Centre Administration.
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